Martin Saber Takedown Recurve Bow — My Reivew

This bow will send them running… or hopefully not.

I mean, if they’re running, you’ve missed your shot… right? Now you’ve got an animal out there that’s suffering needlessly, and you’ve got a journey ahead of you to track it down and finish off the kill. It’s unkind to the animal, and on top of that, there’s never quite the same sense of personal satisfaction from finishing things off quick, cleanly, and concisely with that first shot. All of that aside… maybe you’re not the most experienced hunter out there — or maybe you’re doing target practice only.

Everybody’s got to go in for their first time with a bow at some point, right? Or maybe you’re not a hunter at all… you’re just in it for the target practice. I do both, though I prefer hunting. Either way, this is an awesome freakin’ bow!

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Martin Archery — A great brand for a great price

Martin Archery makes a great recurve bow, whatever you want it for. Look up recurve bow reviews elsewhere online, and you’ll see the same sentiment expressed over and over again: this model or that model coming out of Martin Archery is the best recurve bow around, the best recurve bow for target shooting, the best recurve bow for hunting, the best recurve bow for beginners, or for women, or for lefties… the list goes on. Now, this is a right-handed bow: the best bows, whatever your purposes, are made to accommodate a shooter with a particular dominant hand, which affects how the grip is shaped. That being said, Martin offers alternative models for either hand of user, rather than trying to accommodate both types of shooters with a “one design fits all” approach that doesn’t really hold water when it comes to heavier draws and practical application.

The Saber bow is a great value for your dollar at a little over $200 on Amazon (at the time when this review was written). It’s a bit of a whopper at 64” long, but if you’re at least five and a half feet tall (they say about 5’9”, but I’ve seen people shorter than that use it just fine) you should be okay; most of the shorter sportsmen I know (no offense intended, guys!) tend to adapt their styles to their height anyway, in which case you’ll do just fine with the many fine features this bow has to offer. To begin with, its hardwood laminate and fiberglass limb construction makes it a killer. It’s flexible, lightweight, and durable, it bends without warping, and the materials from which it is composited are layered in order to assure that it bends in all the right places without cracking or snapping in two (one of the reasons why you don’t want to buy a recurve bow, whatever the reviews might say, with a price tag that’s too low).


Did I mention the camouflage? It’s excellent. It helps to break up the bow’s silhouette and, if your target is looking at you from downrange, it’ll help to break up your silhouette as well — even if the bow is facing your target edge-on (which I kind of hope it is; see the bit above about your intended target running away due to your shot missing). The Saber breaks down easily for transportation, but won’t break down on you in the field. Also, its handle includes several special, patented Martin Archery applications to reduce vibrations in the bow due to the rigors of shooting, and to lessen the impact of a slick or moist environment interfering with the quality of your grip. In short, you’ll get an enhanced, smooth, and vibration-free shot with the Saber… every time.

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