PSE Razorback Recurve

Product Name:Razorback Recurve
Length:62 inches
Draw weight:20/25/30
Weight:2.2 lbs
PSE Razorback Recurve (hover to zoom) (tap once to zoom, tap left, right, top, bottom to move image, tap outside of image to cancel)
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Some of the recurve bows available in the market now are not fit for kids and women. They might be too bulky or too heavy for them. But for the archery enthusiasts still looking for the best fit, the PSE Razorback Recurve is the answer.

Top Features:

  1. Full-sized bow with an overall length of 62″
  2. High Durability and high- resistance
  3. Vibration-free
  4. Very accurate with beautiful ergonomic design

Like the PSE Blackhawk Recurve Bow, the Razorback is a good investment especially when you’re still starting out.

The Razorback sports the classic recurve style, in a take-down design that’s perfect for fly-in or remote-area hunts.

It is a takedown bow meaning it can easily be transported and stored. It has everything you need for an entry-level recurve bow and that’s a good thing especially for the price.

What are you waiting for? Learn how to shoot with the PSE Razorback Recurve Bow. Read what the customers have to say about this and judge for yourselves.

Customer Reviews:

4/5 Stars Satisfied Beginner

I purchased this Bow a few days ago from a local dealer, I had never shot a recurve bow before, The light draw makes it very easy to shoot for a hour with no problems. The take down screws are solid and the limbs a wood laminate. Source: Amazon

5/5 Stars Great Bow

Great bow! I haven’t done any sort of archery since my time in the boy scouts about 10 years ago so I’m by no means an expert. I picked up this beauty at a local dealer and have been shooting it for about an hour now. The local vendor added a couple of things to the string like a vibration dampener and a knocking point. So far great bow, lots of fun, pretty accurate. I like that you can take it down to transport and store it. All around I think it’s a great product for the price. Get it and have fun. Source: Amazon

5/5 Stars Happy Newbie

I am fairly new to archery, however being the person I am I would not settle for any less than 35lbs draw weight in my first bow. I was considering getting a more powerful bow, but decided against it; I purchased this bow primarily because I have begun training myself in mounted archery, and this is great. It’s draw weight is probably at the upper limit for most new shooters, but keep working at it and you will build up the muscles. Source: Amazon


Read more reviews of the PSE Razorback Recurve

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