Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow

Product Name:Jaguar
Draw weight:29 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 lbs
Weight:2.6 lbs
Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow
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When it comes to recurve bows, Martin Archery is one of the best manufacturers there are. The Jaguar Takedown Bow is sort of their entry level model — and it’s the perfect bow for those on a budget, or beginners. This is the #1 ranked bow for beginners.

At my club, we own several of these, and we’ve never had any trouble with them. They get used (and sometimes abused) by our new archers, but they’re good as new.

Even though it’s a entry level model, that does not mean that a more experienced archer can’t use it. Not at all. This bow is frequently used by archers with a higher skill level.

Quick facts about the product

  • Laminated wood and glass limbs offer a smooth draw
  • Features a comfortable grip
  • You can easily remove limbs from the riser for convenient transport and storage
  • A wide range of draw weights available to suit any archer

Description of Martin Jaguar

A smooth draw, a powerful shot, a durable riser, a comfortable grip. Our list of important features isn’t short. The Jaguar is an ideal choice for the archer wanting to give the traditional side a serious try. Laminated wood and glass limbs offer a smooth draw, but send an arrow with authority. You can easily remove limbs from the riser for convenient transport and storage. We even throw in an arrow rest, all for a very reasonable price. Let your curiosity get the best of you and give traditional a shot. Satisfying curiosity is what the Jaguar Take-Down is all about. Includes owners manual.

Video Review

(The price in the video isn’t correct, it’s possible to get it cheaper here)

Customer reviews

First Timer ★★★★★

It was my first purchase of a bow and wasn’t 100% how things would turn out. The bow stringer they sent with it was completely useless, I would’ve rathered them send some arrows with it instead. Once it was assembled however it was ready to rock and roll. The arrow rest is plastic, i read some people had problems with theirs breaking and whatnot, I didn’t. I’ve had it about 3 or 4 weeks and have shot about 140 shots a day. The only thing i ran into was finding the right arrows. It was a 45lb draw back and believe it or not i have to take a break after about every 20-30 shots cause my shoulder gets tired. But the arrows i first bought weren’t dense or strong enough to stay straight. The force of the bow would cause the arrow to bend immensely and take a different flight path. If any of you have ever seen a rifle round hit the water and go anywhich way it wants, thats kinda what it was like. All in all the bow is amazing. Great power, great feel. Verified Buyer

Great First Recurve ★★★★☆

The Jaguar bow seems to be a good, affordable re curve bow. My bow came with a bow stringer, bow string and plastic flipper arrow rest. I am used to shooting of the shelf so the flipper rest took a half hour to get used to. I would suggest purchasing a new rest to install on the Jaguar. The rest that comes with the Jaguar is plastic, I don’t feel that it is very durable. All in all I think the Jaguar is a nice bow. Source: Amazon

Nice Bow ★★★★★

This bow looks good ( not crazy about the big jaguar pic on it though ), shoots great (getting better shots with this than my $500 compound bow), and assembles easily (would be nice not to need to use an allen wrench though). Very happy with the purchase, the string can be a beast to get on when its new. Source: Amazon

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