Martin Archery Panther Take Down Bow

Product Name:Archery Panther Take Down Bow
Length:62 inches
Draw weight:30-55 lbs
Weight:2.7 lbs
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Martin Archery Panther Take Down Bow- reviews

Starting a new hobby? Ever wanted to get your hands on an archery bow and do the best Katniss Everdeen pose? Look no more. With the Martin Archery Panther Take Down Bow, you can be that and more.

Like the SAS Courage 60″ Takedown Recurve Archery Bow, the Martin Archery Panther Take Down Bow is also one of the best recurve bows in the market for beginners and advanced archers alike.

Considered as one of the smoothest and fastest recurve in the market, the Martin Archery Panther Take Down Bow is one dependable product for the promising archer.

Patented vibration vortex vems make this the most balanced bow you will ever feel. The laminated wood and glass limbs create a smooth draw. The panther is drilled and tapped for mounting quiver and sights with dead-on accuracy.

A satisfied blogger who tried the Martin Archery Panther Take Down Bow only has good things to say about the bow.

I took an immediate liking for the Panther because of its blacked-out riser and limbs. My choice was a 45 lb bow because it’s the minimal draw strength for hunting. Recurve bow reviewers recommended at least 5 lbs heavier because the bridged riser actually helps drawing the bow as smooth as silk. What I found rather unconventional are metal and rubber inserts on the riser that aids in dampening vibration. In short, the Panther is smooth and quiet. It’s also a pretty powerful bow.

A lot of customers have also been gushing about the Martin Panther recurve bow — like the writer of this review:

I bought this bow from another source as it can’t be delivered to my country through amazon. The bow is amazing in all ways ! [ maybe because it’s my first bow ! ] or maybe cause it’s just fantastic ! Looks, feels…wonderful. I jumped from just a snake which i was training for a couple of times in a local range [26lb] to a 45lbs and it’s awesome ! I’m still a bit over draw with it…but I’m training for it. – Chris, Amazon Customer

I love the martin panther takedown it is the smoothest as well as quietest bow i’ve ever fired, not to mention the quality of how this bow is built no negatives to be found for this guy. – John D., Amazon Customer

There’s no need to wait, try the Martin Panther recurve bow. Hone your archery skills with only the best in the market.

Martin Archery Panther Take Down Bow- reviews

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