Hoyt Gamemaster II

Product Name:Gamemaster II
Length:62 inches
Draw weight:40, 45, 50, 55 lbs.
Weight:2.9 lbs.
Hoyt Gamemaster II (hover to zoom) (tap once to zoom, tap left, right, top, bottom to move image, tap outside of image to cancel)
Hoyt Gamemaster II- reviews

If there’s one word to describe the Hoyt Gamemaster II, it would be beautiful. What’s best about this is it’s perfect for both beginners and advanced archers. Why you ask?

The following are enough reasons to start out with the Hoyt Gamemaster II.

  1. High brace height makes learning shooting technique easy and non-stressful.
  2. Quality handle means you can focus your attention on what matters – stance, form – rather than being distracted by an uncomfortable grip.
  3. Pretty much non-existent vibration takes the bow out of the equation when aiming. In other words, the bow’s mechanics and design will not interfere with your aim, allowing you to pitch arrows consistently and properly assess your skill level and form in consistencies.
  4. It’s light weight makes it relatively easy to hold for prolonged hours without fatiguing the muscles, which comes in handy during those long practice sessions at the range.

The price is a little steep but you have to remember that what you’re paying for is its quality, durability and efficiency.

There are very few bows in this price range that offer this sort of flexibility. The Hoyt Gamemaster II delivers the performance called upon by its price tag and more. It lasts long. The design is mind-blowing. A nice ergonomic leather grip and a maple or aluminum riser of your choice. One of those recurve bows that takes design to an all new level for other potential bows to compete with.

For the serious archers, the Hoyt Gamemaster II is a must-have. It competes with Bear Grizzly when it comes to quality but when it comes the ergonomic design, the Hoyt Gamemaster is a winner.


Hoyt Gamemaster II- reviews

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