Bear Archery Super Kodiak

Product Name:Super Kodiak
Brand:Bear Archery
Length:60 inches
Draw weight:20/30/40/45/50/55/60/65
Weight:3 lbs.
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Bear Archery Super Kodiak- reviews in

Recently, I wrote about Bear Archery and its popular state-of-the-art traditional recurve bow Bear Archer Grizzly. Made with the finest custom-crafted limbs, the Grizzly is best for the beginner and advanced archers.

How different is this from the Super Kodiak?

Best for the intermediate and advanced users, the Bear Archery Super Kodiak is a superb hunting partner. This low-maintenance recurve bow is worth looking into if you’re thinking of getting in the archery game seriously.


  • has a crowned, cut-on-center arrow shelf with Bear Hair mat and leather side plate.
  • Matched gray and brown hardwood laminates
  • with FastFlight string
  • riser made from black Dymondwood making it ergonomic and comfortable to hold.

Why Choose the Super Kodiak?

This classic recurve bow goes back to a long history by Bear Archery.

1967 marked the end of one era and the beginning of a new one at Bear Archery: after 17 years of production, the Super Kodiak replaced the very popular Kodiak line of bows. Fred Bear himself used this model bow for many years, on quests for African lion, cape buffalo, Alaskan polar bear, and the British Columbian grizzly bear. Few bows of any kind reward the hunter with such a classic combination of feel, power, and sheer shooting authority.

You can not go wrong if you choose the Super Kodiak even if the price is a little steep for many. Still, if you have the budget it should be your top choice.

Video Review

Check it out for yourself and discover why the Bear Archery Super Kodiak is a great buy!

Bear Archery Super Kodiak- reviews in

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