Which Recurve Arrows Should I Buy?

So you have finally done your research and have decided on what kind of recurve bow to buy. You’re very excited to head off to your nearby sports store and finally get your hands on that sleek and beautifully designed bow. But wait, have you also decided on which recurve arrows to buy?

Getting into archery does not only stop with the bow. You also need to do your research on good arrows, otherwise, you will have nothing to shoot with.

Now you ask, which recurve arrows should I buy? Well, you came to the right place. I’m here to show you some tips in getting the best bargain for the best type of arrows in the market.

Tips to Remember on How to Choose the Best Arrows

Consider the Arrow Length

Why is this important? Primarily because it greatly impacts the distance, speed, and accuracy of your shot.  If you are the type who wants to shoot quickly, a heavy arrow is not a good choice for this. It will only slow down your shot and it will not penetrate the target well.

When choosing the arrow length, pair it up with your spine. You do not want a long arrow that will require you to overstretch. This will affect your shot as well. A short arrow is actually recommended but the advantage of the long arrow is it gives you a greater surface area.

How do you determine the proper arrow length? Check out this video and learn from a pro:

What Arrow Material Suits You Best

Once you figure out the arrow length, it’s time to know what arrow material should you use. There is no definite answer to this but your choice will depend on several factors.

Once you determine your needs, you can now check the different kinds of arrow material. There are actually several kinds to choose from.

Fiberglass is one of the toughest and most durable arrow shaft materials. Outside of loosing arrows, there’s little chance that archers — especially young archers — will unintentionally break a fiberglass shaft. Fiberglass arrows are the heaviest type of shafts, which contributes to their strength but makes them a bit slower than other options. A heavier shaft, however, makes for deeper penetration than a lighter shaft.

Know more about the difference between Aluminum arrows and Carbon Arrows in this video review:

I hope I was able to give you some concrete ideas in choosing the best recurve arrows. Again, this will all depend on your preference and need. I recommend that you try the cheapest option if you are just starting then move on from there. Until the next article!


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