The Essential Bow Accessories

Let’s say you already have your bow and arrows in place. You’re now looking into other accessories for your bow because you know some of them are vital in your journey either as an archer or a hunter. Since there are a lot of bow accessories out there demanding for your attention, how do you know what is it exactly you need?

Bow Accessories-What to Buy?


Do you see the feathers at the finishing edges of your arrows? They have a name and they are there for a purpose. So what exactly are fletches for? Simply put, they control and affect the flight path of your arrows. There are fletches made of real feathers but now there are also fletches made in plastic. Both are lightweight and are available in the market so you can easily buy them when needed.

Feather fletches impart a natural spin on an arrow due to the rough and smooth sides of a feather and the natural curve, determined by which wing the feather came from.


A quiver is a container for your arrows and you can find one made of leather, wood, fur and other materials. Do you need this? Definitely. Shooting is easier if you have this with you. Again, you can easily find quivers in different sizes and shapes in your favorite sports store.


Aside from eliminating noise and vibration, stabilizers help keep a bow steady and stable when shooting. It is a solid piece of material shaped like a tube. Choose a stabilizer that is not heavy as this will add to the weight of your bow. Look for one that is made of carbon since it is durable and lightweight.

What are the different archery stabilizers?  Learn from this video of NuSensei:

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Arm & Chest Guards

The main purpose of the arm and chest guards are to protect you from the withdrawing string after shooting. If you are a beginner, do you need this? I would say yes. Being new to the sport, you can be prone to some injuries. It is best to be ready and well-protected as you embark in this sport.

Arrow Rests

This aims to give you the consistency in holding the arrow against the handle and in place until release. In short, it stabilizes the arrow allowing you to shoot accurately. This is an option if you think you need this but you don’t need to buy this as a beginner. There is no perfect arrow rest so it will depend entirely on how much you need it. Usually big brands like PSE, Martin Archery and Bear Archery have their own versions. If you got your bow from any of the brands I mentioned, you can also get your arrow rests from them.

Now that you know what bow accessories are available, I’m pretty sure you will have a grand time checking them out. You do not need to buy everything in one go. Choose one you think you really need. However, do not depend too much on them, they are meant to assist you to be better. The important thing is you continue to practice and improve your skills. After all, what is the use of these accessories if you do not use them?


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